After her philosophy studies, Aline has decided to continue asking her questions through the medium of dance. She has danced for choreographers and she has written her own pieces. She is currently based in Danemark, Copenhagen. Come on dude, drop the third person, who is writing this text ? Beh.. it is me, Aline. Yes, well, then use the first person. For heaven’s sake.

I was saying that I danced for choreographers, and my researches are partly nourished by the Feldenkrais’s method. This method informs both the pure organisation of my body in movement (how do I raise my shoulder, how
do I go to the floor…) and the contextual organisation of the work in general (how do I find the studios where I create; who do I work with; how do we communicate; what are our schedules…). It supports me because it
allows me to be attentive to the “how” things are done, and to modify this “how” to alleviate difficulties encountered along the way. It is a powerful practice for me. Powerful, joyful, and creative.

I also shoot videos as part of my artistic work, or for projects that I want to support, as a media-woman.

I like to work with concepts.

I laugh to the absurd sense of humor. I love lame characters.

I collect questions and I collect human details.

Producing questions and listening are two of my main practices. I secretly dream of being an actress.

Since 2016 I am a volunteer sailor on a Concorde-class frigate. Sailing on large ships means to me the joy of the energy group, the intensity of the challenges, the manual practice (a lot of things that I also experience in my artistic work).